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North of the Tyne UKIP are privileged to have Hugh Jackson as Mayoral Candidate who has a bold vision for the future of his area and has stated:

"I want to make this area the epicentre of engineering and manufacturing excellence for the 21st Century, underpinned by a transport system to match".

UKIP have a strong team and growing following in the North East of England and unlike the other major parties have not betrayed the trust of the electorate.

The Lib Dems destroyed trust when Nick Clegg broke his promise of free tuition to students when he discarded the policy as the price of power sharing with the Tories. This was compounded by him proclaiming on national TV that the EU had no plans for an EU army which time has shown to be an outright lie losing all trust.

Both Labour and Conservative were trusted to follow their 2017 manifesto promise of delivering Brexit and have spent the last two years doing their best to keep us in the EU. Electors deserted UKIP by their droves in 2017 thinking there was no longer a need to utilise UKIP to achieve their dream of a free UK outside of the EU but the major parties have abused this trust.

Several excellent candidates were whittled down to select Hugh Jackson as the UKIP candidate for north of Tyne Mayor and within hours of the announcement our left wing local press were burrowing through the archives to find some means of weakening the massive threat to their cabal. UKIP have grown to be the party of the people taking the role once occupied by the Labour party who have now abandoned the working man in favour of people they invited into the UK to boost their votes and who are now concentrated in our densely populated major cities. 




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